The final declaration was determined by 400 participants.

The outputs of the working groups gathered within the scope of the Joint Dialogue Forum were collected in 15 articles. As a result of the voting of approximately 400 participants, consisting of representatives of public, employee and employer unions, five topics for cooperation were determined under five headings. The articles agreed on were announced with the final declaration. The topics and articles included in the declaration were listed as follows: Environment: Planting trees as many as the number of employees in affiliated workplaces (2 million trees every year; 10 million trees in 5 years) Elderly: Establishing an education and capacity building platform for aging individuals Disabled: Until the end of 2020 Providing vocational training for 10,000 disabled people Women: Having at least 1 female member in all boards from confederation / union board of directors to the lowest worker representative until 2023. Children: Providing substance addiction training to parents in cooperation with the Narcotics Branch Unit of the General Directorate of Security.