Example to the World, Scale to Turkey.

Making evaluations about the Joint Dialogue Forum, Ozgur Burak Akkol, Chairman of TISK, said that together with the Ministry of Family Labor and Social Services, TURK-IS, HAK-İS and DİSK, we are focusing on the social stakeholders who will be most affected by the 4th industrial revolution. Akkol listed the topics that the Forum focuses on as "The environment we live in, the elderly who add value to life with their labor, our disabled citizens, women to whom we owe our lives and our children as our future". Stating that all stakeholders give message of unity during the Forum, Akkol said "When people come together for the same purpose, saying 'Turkey, Possible If Together', we have seen that we can achieve a stronger capacity in production together," Ozgur Burak Akkol stated that the working groups formed at the Forum set out with five valuable ideas agreed upon by the participants, and said, "From now on, we will work with all our energy, to make our country go further, and to make our country happier and more prosperous with these social stakeholders, we will produce together." Stating that he believes that the Joint Dialogue Forum will initiate a new era of common mind in business life, TISK President Akkol said: “The climate of consensus we have achieved as a result of devoted efforts and concrete outputs are the most important indicators that we have taken a right step. At the same time, this Forum showed us that the public, employers and workers' unions, which are the sides of the working life, are inseparable parts of a whole. I would like to thank Zehra Zumrut Selcuk, our Minister of Family, Labor and Social Services, Ergun Atalay, President of TURK-IŞ, Mahmut Arslan, President of HAK-IS, Arzu Cerkezoglu, President of DISK, our union presidents and representatives of international institutions, and organizations.